Extreme Lazer Tag

Featuring over 6000 square feet of Extreme Lazer Tag!

Up to 25 players!

17 minute long missions!

“You don’t PLAY the game, you ARE the game!”



Your adventure begins when you walk through the door into Command Central. Here you will sign up for your mission and exchange credits (Dollars on Earth) for time allotments in the arena.

You will then be briefed on the operation of equipment and rules of engagement. Now it is time to suit up and prepare for action.

As you enter the arena, you will power up your lazer at the entry charging station and after 15 seconds the game will be activated and it is time for 17 minutes of fast paced, music thumping, lazer tagging action. Command central is monitoring all equipment and tags. When tagged, your equipment deactivates for a few seconds, giving you time to find a new location before you are reactivated.

When the action stops, head for the exit and download your final score.. After un-suiting, it is time for the debriefing as you get your final scores and compare figures with the other players

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