Game Policies

PLAY AT OWN RISK: PLANET LAZER ™ is a ‘PLAY AT OWN RISK’ facility. ALL players are required to follow the instructions and rules of the facility. As such PLANET LAZER ™ reserves the right to remove any player from any game as warranted by the staff, at their discretion, without refund. (rules of play)


PLANET LAZER ™ will grant no refunds, for any reason. Regarding younger players (around 5 years old) we urge the customer to take the child to our observation area to allow that player an idea of what the play environment is like prior to paying and playing.


All players must be on site no later than 20 minutes prior to game time. In the event the customer or party is late, the staff will endeavour to assist the customer/party by placing them in a subsequent game ONLY if such space is available.


Piñatas, confetti, or silly string is NOT permitted in or outside our facility and any such use of these items will be charged to the party in a clean-up surcharge of $50.00.


Reservations are recommended and welcome at any time. Please call 250-717-8260 to book your game time today!