Lazer Tag

Imagine, your heart beats faster than the laser beam that just ripped by you at 186,000 miles per second. You scream with exhilaration, you shake with adrenaline…your senses come alive!

PLANET LAZER ™ combines hide & seek with hi-tech heart-pounding fun. Up to 38 players move and hide in our 2 level 6,000 square foot award-winning arena. Players (All ages welcome!) earn points as they tag their opponents electronic Pack and Phaser, while they avoid being tagged. As they move through the obstacles, black lights, cool graphics, fog, specialty lighting and futuristic music the Pack speaks to the player and tells them what is happening throughout the game.

OUR ARENAS: The largest in North America, our arenas have won awards from the CLTA (Canadian Laser Tag Association), NALTF (North American Laser Tag Federation), and the LTPA (Laser Tag Players Association).

Each heart thumping mission 12 minutes long plus suit-up and briefing. Games run every 15 minutes.

With fun lurking around every corner,
We are the ULTIMATE in interactive fun!